Community Optometry Services

Central Mersey LOC covers 4 CCGs, Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington. Only Halton CCG and St Helens CCG currently commission Community optometry Services, which includes Cataract Pre-op assessment, Glaucoma Repeat Measures and Minor Eye Care Services (MECS). We are still in discussion with Warrington CCG and hope they will eventually commission the services. However, Knowsley CCG has no current plans to commission any community optometry services.

The LOC company, Primary Eye Care Ltd contracts with these CCGs and sub-contracts with local practices to provide the services. PECL manage the services and we meet the Clinical Lead, Julia Maiden and the 2 CCGs on a regular basis.

Any local practice who sees patients registered with a GP in the 2 areas can apply to provide the services, as long as they meet the criteria and have performers who have the correct accreditation. If you wish to join, please contact Lindsey Flynn from Primary Eye Care Ltd at for more details.

In agreement with Halton and St Helens CCGs, non-participating practices should refer patients suitable for the 3 services to those practices providing the services. GPs are also being encouraged to refer patients to the services.

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