Community Optometry Services

COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES)

All 4 of our CCG areas are commissioning CUES from Primary Eye Care Services, supported by St Helens and Warrington Eye departments. So patients with a GP in Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington CCGs can access CUES. Also, participating practices can provide CUES to any patient with a GP in all areas throughout the country where CUES is commissioned. Patients can find a provider of their choice by going to the Primary Eye Care “Find a practice” page:

Relevant information regarding CUES in the Central Mersey area and some posters for health care settings can be found below. We also have a page for patients to access:

If you are not currently providing CUES, but now wish to be involved, please contact us and we can assist you on the steps to achieve accreditation.

Please see below for updated guidance on managing patients where CUES is being commissioned in Central Mersey. Also, further information regarding direct referrals to our local HES, St Helens and Warrington can be accessed on this site at:

Cataract Pre-op Assessment

Halton and St Helens CCGs commission a Cataract Pre-operation Assessment service from Primary Eyecare, which is provided by local optical practices. This is a referral refinement service, mostly following an eye test or occasionally a CUES appointment, where significant cataract is noted with typical symptoms. The patients suitability and desire for surgery is investigated, as well as ensuring there is no other co-morbid pathology requiring attentions. Where appropriate, a direct referral to a preferred provider is instigated via the Opera software, or alternatively the patient will be kept under observation The GP receives a report for each episode, including a copy of any referral forms generated.

There are more details at:

Glaucoma Repeat Readings (GRR)

Halton and St Helens CCGs also commission a Glaucoma Repeat Readings service from Primary Eyecare, which is provided by local optical practices. If raised IOP is found at an eye test, but the optic discs appear healthy and visual fields normal, the IOP is repeated up to two more times with applanation tonometry. Where the visual fields seem to indicate an early defect, they can be repeated, as patients notoriously do better the second time around. If the IOPs remain 23mmHg and over or the fields indicate a consistent glaucomatous defect, the optometrist can decide whether to refer to HES or monitor closely until a diagnosis of glaucoma is more certain.

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