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Central Mersey Local Optical Committee serves General Ophthalmic Services contractors and performers in Halton, Knowsley and St Helens and Warrington. This site contains many of the documents required to support our work, including documents required for referral and community services(previously known as Enhanced services). There is a committee area which supplies agendas, minutes and committee papers and can be accessed by committee members who have the required permission.

If you wish to receive papers or ask any questions about our work, please email the secretary on [email protected]


Central Mersey LOC was formed on 10th January 2007, via a merger of  2 previous LOCs,  North Cheshire LOC and St Helens and Knowsley LOC. Central Mersey Local Optical Committee serves the interests of GOS registered Optical practitioners in 4 CCG areas, Halton, Knowsley, St Helens and Warrington and has links with the Cheshire and Merseyside regional team of NHS England.


The LOC is affiliated to Primary Eye Care Ltd, a national company which directly commissions with CCGs and sub-contracts with local contractors to provide services.   Halton and St Helens CCGs currently commissions Community Services, including Cataract pre-op assessment, Minor Eye Care Services (MECS) and Glaucoma Repeat Measures (GRM). . Knowsley and Warrington CCGs don’t currently commission any services.