Cataract Assessment Service

NHS Halton & St Helens launched a Cataract Assessment Service on 2nd November 2015. All local contractors who see patients registered with a GP in Halton or St Helens can apply to PECM for a contract to provide the service.

The service will include discussion of pros and cons of surgery and consideration of symptoms related to cataract. Dilated fundus examination is not compulsory, but expected in many cases to investigate other sources of symptoms or visual blur. Where patients have significant cataract causing disabling glare or blur, affecting their lifestyle and quality of vision, they will be referred directly to the provider of their choice.

A copy of the service protocol can be downloaded on this page.

The 3 Merseyside LOCs have produced a booklet, available to download in this page, outlining all providers available in the Mersey region. This will assist optometrists in discussing options with patients and if desired, given to the patient.